Juice cleansing is the most natural, organic  and effective way to detoxify your body,restore your health and wellbeing


Our modern day lifestyle surrounds us with toxic chemicals that reside in our food, water, environment, and medications. Over time, these toxins accumulate in our tissues blocking our energy and compromising our body’s ability to communicate on a cellular level. When communication is impaired, the body cannot reach its natural state of balance or homeostasis. Our health begins to deteriorate and we experience poor digestion, weight gain, low energy, fatigue and premature ageing.


By replacing our normal food and drink with live organic juices, we flush the toxins from our body, and nourish our cells with vital enzymes and nutrients. By replacing the density of our everyday meals with raw fruit and vegetable juices, we give our overworked digestive system a much needed break, allowing the body to focus on healing and repair. We emerge feeling lighter, brighter, and clearer both physically and mentally.


At ColdPress we bring you the highest quality, most effective cleanse possible. We start by using the best organic produce available. Then we coldpress each juice using the best technology available that replicated the human teeth grinding action with hydraulic press to maintain its 100% raw unpasteurised nothing added freshness. That means you get pure life force energy in every bottle. Our cold press method ensures that there is minimal thermal heat used to ensure we retain 100% of nutritions in our juices which is not possible in the usual juicing systems available in the market. Most juices sold in the retails and markets contain high pasteurization to ensure distribution and storage thereby destroying most of the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables leaving only sugar and calories. Coldpress juices are delivered everyday fresh, is not pasteurised and hence need to be stored refrigated and must be consumed in 72hours of delivery. 


From the moment you sign up, we’ll send you emails that guide you with all the information you need to prepare for your cleanse. Once your program begins, we’ll send you daily instructions and tips on how to keep focused, and stay on track. 


At ColdPress we elieve everyone can benefit from the power of whole fresh juices. While many diets and cleanse programs focus on what you can’t have, juice cleansing packs in appox. one kilograms of produce in just One Bottle of 500ml and cold press technology ensures it has high amount of fibre providing the body with abundant nourishment and energy. Nothing matches the nutritional value and total body benefits of a high quality, cold pressed juice cleanse.