Two Day Detox

Revitalize Plan

INR 2450/-

The Two day Detox Plan is ideal precursor for a Green Carpet event, a festival, wedding in the family or a vacation. The Leafy greens, vegetables and low albeit natural sugars in fruits would keep you satiated while enabling the body to kick-start Detoxification and Weight-Loss. This will be more intense as it entails being on a juice diet for 2 full days which will help you shed the toxins and that extra pound you wanted to shed.


Two Day detox is a program ideal for people who want to move to the health lifestyle choice of cleanse and detox with green juices and fruit based juices. Leafy greens and less sugar enables the body to kick-start detoxification and healing faster. Perfect for cleansers and those with diets high in fresh raw whole foods. Our 2 day Re-energize Cleanse includes a balance of fruit and vegetable juices to enhance the effectiveness of the cleanse without any nut milks. So jump-start your body into a detoxification process. You will feel light and energetic after the cleanse and your body will thank you for it.  The mix of juices are specifically designed to provide the right detox experience.


10 bottles of 500ML Juice

(Day 1: Immunity, Vitality, Weight-loss, Purify and Anti-aging

Day 2: Glow,Vitality, Weight-loss, Purify and Anti-aging)


Each 500ML bottle pack almost 1.5KGs of  Raw Produce and is a meal replacer in itself. 


​Coldpress juices are extracted daily fresh to ensure each juice has maximum nourishing fiber, live enzymes, essential minerals and vitamins. We assure you that our juices are the best in the industry as they are extracted by the best technology in the coldpress industry, extensively reasearched for both health and taste.


Orders must be placed 24hrs before the actual delivery time. You will receive a acknowledgement within 3hrs during our operating hours or next day depending on when you placed the order with us. Each Bottle is 500ML in quantity of fresh raw produce and cold pressed daily. These items do not contain any pasteurizing like retail products and hence will need to be cold stored and will needs to be consumed in 72 hours


Pregnant women and nursing mothers should NOT follow a cleanse program. Persons above 50 or with immune deficiency disorders or chronic illness should seek a doctor's advice before ordering a cleanse. Please consult your physician before a cleanse program. Actual Juices may appear different colors than those shown due to ripeness of ingredients however all pictures are of our real juices only.