Our Subscription Plans Are Special, Just like You

Our juices are formulated after extensive research for health benefits and taste, extracted using the industry leading Coldpress technology to be a meal replacer, so that you can create a healthy and rejuvenating lifestyle around your special ones  

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SHAPE UP Plan: Gurgaon Only

INR 2400/-

10 500ML Bottles with Two Bottles of Raw Fresh Juice Every Day of the Week. A Great Energizing and Lifestyle Plan

Breakfast in a Bottle : Monthly Pack of 24 Bottles of 500ML Coldpress Juices - Gurgaon Only

Rs 5550/-

Our Best Price : Premium Coldpressed Juices 24 Days Subscription Offer


INR 1350/-

Experience Our Power Packed Coldpressed Juices. A mid-day Coldpress Juice Meal will enhance your energy levels to maximise your performance at work

Weekend Detox and Reboot Plan

Rs 1350/-

A Great Offer for all you party goers. This package is specially created for people who like to party hard and live to the fullest. Detox your body in the morning and Reboot for party in the evening every weekend

Rainbow Offer - A Pack of all Six Juices in 200ML Bottles

Rs 595/-

Experience Every Juice Color in this Rainbow Pack. Do you want to Taste All our juices before a cleanse or detox plan ? Want to see which juice works for your kids ? Well this package is just for you then.

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