My Gourmet Salads Everyday - Weekly Pack Pure Veg INR 1150/-

(Free Delivery in Gurgaon)

Ideal For Busy Executives and Homemakers, Our Weekly Salad Plan Assists In Replacing Greasy and Unhealthy office lunches with our fresh, energizing and healthy salads. Our handcrafted salads helps in adding Fresh Veggies, Herbs and Proteins to your Daily Diet to create a more nutritious and healthy meal, be it lunch or dinner for your well being. Eating healthy accelerates your performance and energy levels allowing you to be your most active during the latter half of the day. Our meals helps you to deliver your peak performance effortlessly. 
Our Gourmet Salad with add on option for our premium coldpressed juices are made Fresh Everyday And Boxed In Our Bio-Degradable Boxes to be Delivered To Your Home OR Office in Gurgaon All Five Days a Week in this Special Salad Plan.
The salad menu will be different each day of the week as per schedule mentioned below. 
5 Days of the Week: Pure- Veg Salad  
Monday       - Signature Caesar Veg Salad       - Juice 200 ML Add-on Option
Tuesday      - Grilled Vegetable Salad               - Juice 200 ML Add-on Option
Wednesday - Spicy Asian Tofu Salad                - Juice 200 ML Add-on Option
Thursday     - Mediterranean Cottage Cheese  - Juice 200 ML Add-on Option 
Friday          - Gourmet Greek Veg Salad          - Juice 200 ML Add-on Option
You have the Option to Add Coldpressed Juices @Rs.425/- to your Salad Plan by choosing 'Add Juice to My Pack' Option in the cart below.
You need to place order one day in advance. Deliveries are between 8 am to 6 pm every day of the week as well as on Saturdays. We remain closed on Sundays. We will call to schedule specific delivery time once your order is confirmed.
This option is only available in Gurgaon