My Monthly Pack of 24 Bottles of 500ML Premium Juices - Gurgaon Only

Exceptional Value Offer

My Daily Juice Plan - Monthly Pack helps create a regimented health plan for you. With 500 ML of juice daily at your doorstep every morning, you can either skip your breakfast / lunch and substitute with this natural wholeness of fruits and vegetables or share with your partner over breakfast. Start everyday feeling light, energized and full of the  natural goodness of Raw Cold Pressed Juices.


Priced at cost of average one dinner outing, this monthly plan is the best your money could buy for your health. 


Plan Includes:


24 Bottles of 500 ML delivered in a pack of 2 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Total of 12 deliveries.


ALL JUICES IN ROTATION: Immunity, Vitality, Glow, Weight-loss, Purify and Anti-aging


Each 500ML bottle packs almost 1.5 kg of Raw Produce and is a meal replacer in itself. 


Orders must be placed 24hrs prior to the Cleanse. You will receive an acknowledgement within 3hrs during our operating hours or next day depending on when you placed the order with us. Kindly note that we remain closed on Sundays.


​Coldpress juices are extracted fresh to ensure maximum nourishment, live enzymes, essential minerals and vitamins. Extracted by the best available technology in the coldpress industry, we assure you that our juices are incomparable in taste, thickness and nutrients.


No Pasteurisation. No Added Sugar. No Added Preservatives.  


The Juices have a shelf life of 72 hours if refrigerated in 0-4 Degrees Celsius. Once open, the Juice should be consumed and not stored back.


Pregnant women and nursing mothers should NOT follow a cleanse program. Persons suffering from Diabetes or other chronic illnesses or immune deficiency disorders should seek a doctor advice before ordering a cleanse or consuming more than 2 bottles a day.