Fennel Chilly Bhetki Fish With Pesto Sauce

Bhetki flavoured with fennel, chilli & pesto sauce and served with broccoli mash & grilled veggies. If you love fish it does not get better than this. 


Bhetki fish is a very tasty saltwater fish. This fish can be found mostly in the estuary and coastal areas. It has a great food value and is enriched with high nutrition ingredients. The fish become very large sized. It usually live in the upper level of water. Bhetki fishes are also known as vetki fish, koral fish, barramundi etc. 

This Fish has many health benefits and help lose some extra pounds without you going hungry!

Try this  special dish from coldpress company. Gourmet Health Dishes and Cuisines does not get better than this in NCR.  

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