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Gourmet Korean Kimchee Salad - Pure Veg

Raw Papaya, Raw Mango, Sprouts, Snow Peas, Purple Cabbage in a Special Lemon Peanuts Chilli Basil Kimchi Dressing

The health benefits of sprouts, purple cabbage and snow peas are alleviated in this amazingly appetising spicy and tangy tasting Salad from Coldpress Company

Asian Korean salad when teamed with thinly stripped raw Papaya and raw mango. This salad is a real health booster, since raw papaya is rich in calcium, vitamin A and C. The lemon chilli dressing along with a generous sprinkling of fresh basil and peanuts provides the perfect punch and crunch. By the way did you know that many Korean families have their own kimchi dressing handed down through generations which they proudly serve before the start of the meal.

INR 225/-