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HomeMade Sausage Salad - Non Veg

Stuffed Mushroom, Kale, Baby Potatoes, Baby Spinach, Pomegranate in our special Mustard Lemon Dressing

INR 275/- 

This is a gourmet special signature dish created by our master chef. Sausages stuffed with mushroom and kale, baby potatoes, baby spinach, pomegranate and mustard and lemon dressing.

 Lightly tossed potatoes with fresh herbs , layered with  home- made sausages  stuffed with mushroom and kale  ,a layer of  baby spinach and finally the sweetness of the pomegranate on top makes it a complete meal. A good shake of the jar helps dress the salad with a light lemon, mustard vinaigrette.


A Must Try from Coldpress Company