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Expereince Gourmet Meals Delivered To Your Home and Offices

"Your body is the only place you will live in for the rest of your life"  


Created for busy executives and the fitness conscious as well as those suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, hyper tension & modern lifestyle diseases. Delicious and divine, the meals are low in calorie, low in fat and in some cases completely carb free helping you to carve out a healthy, wholesome and fit lifestyle.

Gourmet Fine Dining

Our Range of Signature Meals take inspiration from gourmet cuisines across the globe. Delicately prepared with a lot of love and care by our select team of experienced chefs, what we bring forth are lasting taste and fine dining experience at the comfort of your home or office

Meal Packages Delivered Daily

Offering Meal Packages for executives delivered at the convinience of their home or offices. Office Lunches will never be the same again. 



Rs 315/-


Rs 250/-

Gourmet Stuffed Zucchini With Special Saffron Cream Sauce

Rs 375/-

Gourmet Vegetable Skewers Topped With Special Herb Sauce

Rs 270/-

Asian Tender Tofu Stir Fry (Pure Veg)

Rs 315/-

Steamed Sole Fish With Green Vegetables and Green Pea Mash

Rs 495.00

Chef Special : Fennel Chilly Bhetki Fish With Pesto Sauce and Broccoli Mash Served with Grilled Veggies

Rs 495/-

Juicy Barbeque Chicken

Rs 395/-

Chef Special : Chicken Ballotine

Rs 325/-

Stuffed Chicken with Pepper Sauce

Rs 295/-

Stuffed Lamb with Red Wine Sauce Served with Brown Rice, Potatoes and Onions

Rs 475/-

Mediterranean Chicken Skewers with Herb Sauce

Rs 295/-

Asian Tender Chicken Stir Fry (Non Veg)

Rs 350/-

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Save the Planet

Help us to make the planet greener by returning used juice glass bottle to our delivery person. Our choice of glass is our dedication to the environment and your health, as plastic leach harmful chemicals in our food and in our body and eventually on this planet. Feel free to Re-Use, Re-cycle or Return. 

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