Experience Coldpress Company

Experience Coldpress Company

“let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - hippocrates

Experience Premium Juices

Experience Premium Juices

100% Raw 100% Pure 100% Fresh 100% Natural

Experience Our Curated Detox Plans

Experience Our Curated Detox Plans

Where Health Meets Taste

Drink Plants Daily - Power of Raw

Drink Plants Daily - Power of Raw

Weekly and Monthly Subscription Plans

Coldpressed Juices India

Our Juices are extracted using industry's most advanced cold-press machines which have been extensively researched for health benefits while ensuring that you feel lasting taste in every sip. Afterall, we are not selling medicine, so why should your Cold Pressed juice taste like one ?

Gourmet Salads made from exotic vegetables, served fresh with our own home made low fat signature dressings which are prepared by our master chef. Only for Subscriptions, Corporate and Special request orders.

Experience customized detox and subscriptions plans whether your health goal is to lose weight or simply health and weight maintenance by incorporating a healthy start to the day everyday, we have a plan that just suits your modern busy lifestyle. Staying healthy has never been so tasty and easy. 


We now offer our new monthly, weekly, and family packs for you in Gurgaon. Fresh, RAW and delicious blends of fresh juices delivered everyday to your home or office. Whether you want it as a meal replacer or simply to add extra dose of nutrients, vitamins and natural enzymes early in the morning when the body absorption is the highest, we have a plan ready for you. 

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Save the Planet

Help us to make the planet greener by returning used juice glass bottle to our delivery person. Our choice of glass is our dedication to the environment and your health, as plastic leach harmful chemicals in our food and in our body and eventually on this planet. Feel free to Re-Use, Re-cycle or Return. 

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